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The 5 Global E-commerce Trends for 2014

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It has been another big year for e-commerce and we can expect this to continue forward with new trends emerging for the upcoming year. Keeping up with the constant growth and innovation of e-commerce is essential to stay competitive in the online retail market. E-commerce website are playing very important role for business grooming and sales generation. There are so many platform for E-shop creation, but Magento development is the best suitable choice for all needs. In today’s scenario Magento and ecommerce solution are called similar terms, just because of the huge reliability of Magento.

Let’s see what we can expect to drive the industry as we look forward to the the global e-commerce trends for 2014.

1. SEO, SEO and more SEO

Studies have proven that most of the traffic from search engine results goes directly to the top 3 results. If you’re looking to become competitive in the market, then focusing on valuable and engaging content is key. From pictures and videos to unique product descriptions and customer reviews, online merchants are going to have to take serious action to implement content that aligns with their strategy.

2. The Big Data Theory

2014 is the year where online merchants will make use of all the “big data” they have been collecting and make business decisions based off this valuable data. It will help online businesses accurately forecast buying trends, personalize the online shopping experience and understand their overall market to better engage and convert customers.

3. The M-Commerce Movement

If you’re not mobile-friendly then you’re not competitive, bottom line. Mobile platforms such as smart phones and tablets are changing the purchasing behaviors of online shoppers. Mobile commerce is sweeping the industry and shoppers will expect a seamless mobile shopping experience.

4. The Ultimate User Experience

With the use of big data on the rise, more and more online businesses will be able to provide their shoppers with a customized user experience. Allowing customers to save favorite products, a smooth checkout process and recommendations based on browsing habits are going to set the bar for customer expectations. Breaking down the barriers between online and in-person shopping is going to be all the craze for personalization in 2014. 

5. Now Everyone’s a Socialite

It’s true! Suddenly it’s socially acceptable for everyone on the internet to update their social networks on where they’re shopping, their latest purchases and share products they really want. If your customers are there then you should be too! Social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ are expected to make a stronger impact on search engine rankings in the near future.

Of course, these trends are merely calculated predictions and there’s a chance their importance could be dominated by a new, emerging trend. However, it’s sure that the e-commerce market will continue to grow and that’s why staying informed on the latest trends is crucial to secure online success.

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