Best reflections of Magento and Ecommerce Solution

Posted by admin • July 13, 2016

People generally think about Bigcommerce, Shopify, etc. For the idea of developing Ecommerce store, but if you talk discuss most highly customize and usable than magento is the best E-commerce developing platform. According to an Internet survey magento is around 25% usable platform for all Ecommerce store.

Easy to Use –

Magento is generally used for medium to large website implementation, but from developer perspective if you are beginner than do not think about magento and ecommerce solution. It is only for the business with high-string budget.
Magento have quite easy and reasonable interface, all things are strengthen and centralize on navigation menu bar like reports, sales, service, products, etc. Magento have very easy and self hosted setup which also increase the reliability of its own.

Design, Themes, and Templates –

Magento provide some templates and themes for free to customize later as according to your need, which is a very important aspect for designing companies.
Magento company is not sell any theme or template itself, but the tools provided by this developing platform are outstanding, if you have an idea then, you can do anything with its own customization feature which differs it from others.

Features –

The reason behind large integrated industries and corporate that using magento is, it’s comprehensive and expanded feature that used on large scale. It gives you to create multiple stores with only one admin log in credentials so need to store your information from more than single place.
SEO optimization is itself a best thing that offers by magento, open source magento help you to optimize your site with some Google tools like, keyword generator, sitemap, content API, etc.

Some of the features that magento provide is –
Mobile Commerce-
Return Management-
Product Review-
Single-page fast checkout-
Store credit-

Pricing –

Magento provides some free as well as paid version, you can choose it as your enterprise need. Community version is free version, which is mostly used in small and medium scale integration.
You can also subscribe to Enterprise plan with paying specific amount. Enterprise version is mainly used for fast growing business and frequently updated websites that have heavy amount of data. Magento development requires huge proficiency because of its high compatibility.
A free or demo version is also available that requires all of your contact information.

Management & Inventory –

Magento inventory management having a feature that allows to alter the in-out item, products and number of back-ordered quantity.
Magento gives the full authority over our products to moderate tags, attribute, reviews.

SEO and Marketing –

The best thing that magento providing is inbuilt marketing and SEO tools. The optimization of websites or products whatever you have is really matters, Google gives priority to the websites which have more optimized content. Many on site SEO things are automatically updated by optimizing content. Its inbuilt mail marketing and adds tools provide coupons, up-sell products, and offer promotions and pricing. Importance of social media is also a trustworthy thing for marketing.
Apart from all this, magento provide higher securities options for your Ecommerce store and a great payment gateway with shipping to other address, single click payment, etc.