Magento web solution

Importance of Magento Web Solution for the Developement of Ecommerce Store

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Have you ever thought about starting an online business? This is the correct time to built your dream. Amongst with lots of different business models, eCommerce (making and running an online E-store) is most prominent option to choose.

The eCommerce business is quite easy for anyone. eCommerce industry have about $1.65 trillion worth in 2015, there are sufficiency of opportunities to make a live — in just about any industry you want.
There are so many e-Store development option available for sellers for making business easier. We are talking about one of the most in demand; Magento.

Magento and ecommerce solution have a strong bond of successful business, The combination of these two takes captive of ecommerce market. It is actually very difficult to select the best so we will try to differentiate strengths and weaknesses for better understanding.

Magento Founded in 2008, Magento have 2,40,000 storefronts. Developer face a some complications than with Shopify — if you’re a well-trained developer, so this won’t be a problem, but if you technical knowledge is below average, then better to look elsewhere.

It needs your own hosting account while installing magento, user need to install themes and extensions for their site design and grooming the functionality. Its depend on you to select a theme from magento official store or buy from any other marketplace.

The magento core, is the most effective platform with its mesmerizing features. There are so many things to talk about so we are discussing on some of them:

Customer Service management

– Creation and edition of orders from admin panel.
– tracking of orders and history from account.
– one admin for all store.
– dashboard for registering customers.
– showing products attribute (colour, size, style, etc.).
– Built-in choice list functionality feature.
– Every page have its own landing page.

Apart from these while talking about Magento web solution, there are so many feature that Magento offers like: in-built PayPal gateway, Establish customize store for product, adding functions and value to store, open source ecommerce and framework, custom extensions, products pages, etc. Which you integrate by using extensions.

Magento help to make search engine friendly website so that the indexing of products and pages will be easily happen and it providing better result on search engine. Magento is getting more successful clients as they are focusing to work on E-commerce.

The Core magento have some more feature as you pay for its extensions, it offer a premium version which gives more opportunity for creating a user free interface, with its premium or paid version we get more features like:

– A shopping cart with easy integrate and update feature.
– Some add-on referral with specific quality.
– A great option of setting multiple store.


With the facts discussed, we can understand that Magento web development is the best open source e-store development platform in ecommerce industry. The best thing with magento is, it work with many stores that is really for good for products and marketing. It also provide the tracking option with Google analytics and many others.

Magento and ecommerce solution

Best reflections of Magento and Ecommerce Solution

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People generally think about Bigcommerce, Shopify, etc. For the idea of developing Ecommerce store, but if you talk discuss most highly customize and usable than magento is the best E-commerce developing platform. According to an Internet survey magento is around 25% usable platform for all Ecommerce store.

Easy to Use –

Magento is generally used for medium to large website implementation, but from developer perspective if you are beginner than do not think about magento and ecommerce solution. It is only for the business with high-string budget.
Magento have quite easy and reasonable interface, all things are strengthen and centralize on navigation menu bar like reports, sales, service, products, etc. Magento have very easy and self hosted setup which also increase the reliability of its own.

Design, Themes, and Templates –

Magento provide some templates and themes for free to customize later as according to your need, which is a very important aspect for designing companies.
Magento company is not sell any theme or template itself, but the tools provided by this developing platform are outstanding, if you have an idea then, you can do anything with its own customization feature which differs it from others.

Features –

The reason behind large integrated industries and corporate that using magento is, it’s comprehensive and expanded feature that used on large scale. It gives you to create multiple stores with only one admin log in credentials so need to store your information from more than single place.
SEO optimization is itself a best thing that offers by magento, open source magento help you to optimize your site with some Google tools like, keyword generator, sitemap, content API, etc.

Some of the features that magento provide is –
Mobile Commerce-
Return Management-
Product Review-
Single-page fast checkout-
Store credit-

Pricing –

Magento provides some free as well as paid version, you can choose it as your enterprise need. Community version is free version, which is mostly used in small and medium scale integration.
You can also subscribe to Enterprise plan with paying specific amount. Enterprise version is mainly used for fast growing business and frequently updated websites that have heavy amount of data. Magento development requires huge proficiency because of its high compatibility.
A free or demo version is also available that requires all of your contact information.

Management & Inventory –

Magento inventory management having a feature that allows to alter the in-out item, products and number of back-ordered quantity.
Magento gives the full authority over our products to moderate tags, attribute, reviews.

SEO and Marketing –

The best thing that magento providing is inbuilt marketing and SEO tools. The optimization of websites or products whatever you have is really matters, Google gives priority to the websites which have more optimized content. Many on site SEO things are automatically updated by optimizing content. Its inbuilt mail marketing and adds tools provide coupons, up-sell products, and offer promotions and pricing. Importance of social media is also a trustworthy thing for marketing.
Apart from all this, magento provide higher securities options for your Ecommerce store and a great payment gateway with shipping to other address, single click payment, etc.

Importance of Social Media in SEO

Why Social Media Is Important in SEO

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At present Social media is as power full as a nuclear weapon in Internet marketing. After December 2010, Google search engine is more attentive towards social media indexing and content quality due to its updates in algorithms. Many marketers and agencies, are not aware that how exactly Social media is important from the SEO perspective.

Social media of E-commerce store is really important for leads generation and to reaching maximum customers and by following some SEO ethics is really very important. At current scenario, Magento development, cs cart, open cart, wordpress, etc. Are the most usable E-store development platform which not only providing great interface, but extensive codes for on site SEO.

We are sharing some information that will help, to find some important thing of Social media SEO and its working resources.


Social Media SEO –

It is not sufficient to have good content and well designed website only the main important thing is how the search engines and its boats treat your websites. SEO means to work on right and suitable keywords that user use to find their needed information and another thing is the number of quality links that link back to your website. Here, we discuss some SEO and Social media efforts that really matter to grow up your business and search engine ranking as well.


Write Original, digital and High quality content

To write a great and well versed content the Originality is an important thing that work as powerful weapon. There are tons of website and other things available on the Internet for the reply of user queries, so Content Quality is the only thing which differs you from others. It is not only about providing some informational, But to provide something new is also the important aspect content strategy.

Google priorities are now mostly concentrate on most relevant content with respect to the keyword used to search.


Getting the advantage from niche and its network

Every specific channel give you the opportunity to rank well on SERP with desired keyword or phrase title. All video and presentation of YouTube and slide share have the probability to optimize like a page of website if it will be desired with suitable link and title keyword. If you focus on your video or text content and optimize it with description and snippets than there will be more chances to rank well in SERP.


Add Sharing easy by adding Social sharing Buttons

Facebook, twitter, pintrest, linkedIn, etc. Are the greatest platform to share your content publicly. These websites help, to spread your message to wide range of people who may be looking for brand like you are. Add social share button to your website and connect them with various social sharing networks, and optimize all so that they automatically generate a share-able custom message for user with your brand information.

Make your content easy, informative, entertaining, meaningful and ask your users to share this if they like.

Optimizing image and increasing profile popularity

Image is one of the most important tool of SEO. An Images with a specific file name is really very helpful for people and search engine as well. Adding Alt attribute into image increase the usability of image and it help search engine to crawl keyword attached with image. Optimize your images for great user experience and keep maintain the relevancy as well.

SEO also help, to increase the popularity of you’re social media profile. Make your social profile fully optimize by adding description, title and making some regular updates on page.


Learn off page SEO basics in easy way

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Search Engine Optimization is an important factor from the promotional point of view of services websites, etc. These help to enrich to your customer, audience, i.e. These provide your website to rank high in Google SERP by which you can increase the visitors on your website.
Basically, SEO belongs to On page and OFF page optimization, as On Page SEO is discussed in previous blog, here we are going to know about Off page SEO. Off page optimization is about to generate quality links to websites. These are the traditional way Off page optimization, this is all about your online reputation.

Off page Optimization


Social Media-
Social Bookmarking-


Getting more and quality backlink is the key factor of Off page optimization. Now a day link popularity is not that much important as the good and approved a quality backlinks are. Generating more informative and unique contents that inform and guide your visitors is very much more important than else.
To participate in a social forum, which helps to users to get the knowledge and solution for their queries is really very good and important factor of link building. Including link to your signature you can get back link to other websites.

Social Media

Using social media in your Off page link building task is really an important factor, almost links that you get from social media are NO-follow links, but it is not mean that they are not important.


facebook is one of the top Social media content sharing platform, where you can get thousands of active user at a time, it is important to have a light and important data or content when you are sharing something whether the promotional things are slightly avoided by user. In to-days scenario, Facebook is really very good open source platform to promote your product, service, news, information with so many users.

Twitter, linked In-

You can easily share your Content in the form of Video, images although you can also create group with related people to share and get more & more information. Apart from these all thinks, Pinterest, Quora, SlideShare, Google Plus etc. Are also the good social media platform where you can share you Images, Video, Podcast, etc., and get high quantity of visitors.

Social Bookmark-

It is one of the old and usable method of getting backlink. Stumble upon, Tumbler, reddit, diggo, dilicious, are the best side to regular update your content and participate in discussions with people. You will get all the report of backlink, broken link, indexing, crawling via Google Web master tool.

Off page SEO isn’t difficult thing, but the thing should be noted is to get quality back links which automatically to increase your SERP and visitors.


Simple Steps To Understand On Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Search Engine Optimization is a Long-term on going process which including preparing and managing your website contents, how it shows on Search engine result and monitoring its success over the long-term.
This Simply content Two faces which to understand-

1. On Site optimization
2. Off Page optimization

ON SITE Optimization-

It’s very necessary to know that some of the important element of SEO are lies on your own website. All off site task which include link building, etc. are less effective without a Good on-Page optimization. It is very important to have On-page aspects in all important pages specially home page.

Title Tag-

Title tags are very important for the pages, they provide the relativity to the search engine about your website and search query. These tags placed in top of the HTML code and have of 60-70 words standard, but not fixed criteria, it is very important to have Meta title to all important pages of website because Google Crawler and Spiders also find your website by this.


Meta Description-

Meta description helps Google and your targeted audience to know more about your Web page. These are the relevant short description of what your page is about. It is very important to have the Unique Meta Title and Description of your website pages.
One think is notable that to have some title or keyword of your page in description content is really good for page, while Google show them in SERP with Bold highlights.


Example that how the Google Shows the Title and Description in search result.


Meta KeyWords-

These are the relative key terms of your page and title, Some people have opinion that adding more and more keyword is beneficial to search result, but Google change algorithm for better result and even may cause penalty for this. Adding 5-10 related is more than enough for your web page as well as for Google.


If you have unique and quality content than more audience will stick to your page-post, Google also love to index the pages which have more quality and unique content the more content you have the probability of number of index pages is higher.
Blog posting, Article writing, Podcast, Videos, Info graphics are the key area of Content generation.

Internal Link and URL Structure-

It is very beneficial when your web pages Internally link with One another, This help Google to find all pages that are exist on website. These things also help users to easily navigate around the website pages. A good URL more contain words as compare to (-, _, Numerical), it is also important to have page or article title in the URL.
For Example-
Correct URL-
Incorrect URL-

Page Loading Time-

As according to the current updated Google algorithm, browsing speed and page loading time is one the most important key function of a good dynamic website. Page size and weight are main cause of high page loading time, by optimizing the website we reduce the Page Loading Time of pages.
Get more reply by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus.

New updation of 1.65

New feel of on line shopping store, with latest Prestashop 1.6

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PrestaShop is rapidly growing its way into the technology of web world; it has free e-Commerce solution that offers some specified services to users. This provide more choices to the eCommerce website development market. The main aspects of PrestaShop is that this tool is specifically developed for e-commerece and same time is available for several e-Shop aspects.

In current market the new version 1.6 is working with massive development advantage. We are discussing some of main updated function of its new version which gives a new representation of prestashop to e-commerce development industry.

Page layout-

This help individuals to adjust or maximize the page size and design as well including hi tech features.

Impressive Banner-

A well-trained prestashoop developer know the value of Head section of website development, which should be very interactive and attractive as well. The new version include easy to present the most current sales and featured content using two image sections along with a single Jquery slider section.

Incredible Footer Section-

Footer section is always important to represent your company services, the new version offers the paper registration, for showing the special media website links with second GPS,it is help full for customers to subscribe their updated information on social media sites which shows the interest of customers in your services/product.

Grid or List Sight-

Prestashop 1.6 help users to make their choices to see pages as Grid or List sight, whether the List sight offers little more detail than the Grid view.

Product Reviews-

An intelligent online trader always watch the review of the product before buying it, This plays a important role as well they offer the ultimate and very simple solution for individuals who wish to buy a particular product.

Apart from this is also updates with mega menu for additional graphics, Search Option,Item Quick View etc. Features also increase the usability of 1.6 version. Magento development is also a good option to built an online store for your business but due to the quick updations, prestashop is highly usable and recommended.


Introducing HTML5 Digital Publishing Software, An Ideal Solution for Self-Publishing

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Business owners can use the HTML5 digital publishing software to make interactive digital website content, illustrated books, user manuals, flip PPT presentations, digital annual reports and more. In this way, they can increase their business opportunities without effort.

The flexible digital page flip tool has a range of useful features that enable users to upload their content via FTP, embed necessary buttons to their pages, and make their books SEO friendly. What’s more, it also provides visitor statistics, bookmarks, and password protection features. The Flip HTML5 software helps customers to keep track of the visitors’ behavior and experience on their magazines and flip books. These important data allow them to make even more attractive and interactive HTML5 Flipbook that all advertisers and prospects will like.

FlipHTML5 digital publishing software also enables all authors to take advantage of the self-publishing and its multiple benefits, allowing them to independently publish their own books. With this platform, authors will get the following privileges:

  • Instant global distribution that allows publishers to reach readers from every corner of the world. The book authors may reach millions of people.
  • Saving a lot of time, as publishing takes no more than 5 minutes before the book becomes visible on the FlipHTML5 website.
  • Powerful Amazon S3 enables secure storing.
  • Sharing and embedding of magazines and digital books becomes easy with a simple code. People can conveniently share their digital product to social media using FlipHTML5 sharing tools.

Authors, business owners and individuals, who would like to take advantage of FlipHTML5 digital publishing software, can visit for more information.

About FlipHTML5
FlipHTML5 Software Co provides affordable digital publishing solutions that are perfect for businesses and authors and help them grow and gain success.


How to install Magento, an eCommerce Software

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This tutorial is for users who would like to install Magento, a popular eCommerce software businesses use to help them sell products through their website.  However, most eCommerce software is compatible with Arvixe services and people have the freedom to choose which software they like to use.  For the purpose of this demo, I will use the domain as an example.


1. Go to and download the “full release” package onto your home computer in any format, but I recommend .zip for most users.

2. Once the download finishes, log in to cPanel at (your domain)/cpanel, such as  In most cases, the username and password will be the same as the ones during the signup process with Arvixe.  After logging in, you may either use a FTP client like Filezilla or File Manager on cPanel.

  • If you are using a FTP client, connect to your home directory.  The host is typically your domain, the username and password is the same as the cPanel log in, and the port is typically 21.  Once connected, locate the magento installation package, named or magento-1.2.0.tar.gz, etc.  Drag and drop the package into any directory within public_html, but I recommend uploading the package into public_html, which I will explain in a moment.
  • If you are using the File Manager provided on cPanel.  Simply go to the public_html folder, then select upload, and select the magento package (, etc.) to upload it to your folder.

3. Once you upload the magento package, you may use file manager’s extraction tool to extract the files within the package.  Go to file manager and select the magento package, then extract it to any folder you want. The extraction tool will typically create a folder called magento, which contains all the installation files.

  • If you want magento to start on your home page, you may move all the installation files to public_html, otherwise you will see magento installed at wherever your magento folder was extracted to, such as public_html/magento.

Note: Most of file manager’s tools are located at the top of the page:

4.  Now you have all the installation files extracted to your directory.  Now Magento requires PHP5 to run, so if you are on our EAGLE or BANANA server, then your default PHP loader is 4, all other servers(APE, LION, HAWK, BAT, etc. will have PHP5 as the default).  For those on EAGLE and BANANA, PHP5 is setup on the server, so you may switch to it if you want to.  I recommend it because it’s better than PHP4 in my opinion, but also since Magento requires PHP5.  To change the loader to PHP5, go to cPanel and scroll down to “Software/Services,” and you should see “PHP Configuration.”

PHP Configuration

PHP Configuration

Once you go to “PHP Configuration,” you should see a statement “The “.php” file extension will be processed by” and you select PHP5, then update.

5. Once you change the PHP loader, you need to create a database for Magento.  Go to “MySql Databases under the “Database” menu, which is right above the “Software/Services” menu.  Then create a new database.  You may call the database whatever you want, but call it something such that you will know the database is for Magento.  Once you create the database, you should see a database in the form of (username)_(database name you just created).

6. Now open a new browser window and in the address bar, enter (your domain)/(directory where magento folder is located), e.i. (there is no need to place public_html in the address because the domain will, in a sense, do that for you).  It should take you the installation page for Magento.  Most of the information provided should already be provided for you.  You agree to the terms and conditions, hit next, select your location, hit next.  Now if a message that says something like “PHP extension pdo_mysql must be loaded,” then read the next bullet point.

  • If you get the message that tells you “pdo_mysql must be loaded,” then do the following.  You need to create a file called php.ini which will load certain php settings.  Either open up notepad or a text editor on your computer and put the following statements inside:

  • Save the file as php.ini.  Then upload the file into your magento directory and subdirectories, app, lib, and media.
  • Restart the installation and you should be able to bypass the message.

(The image below is the first page  you should see for the Magento Install)

Again most of the fields will be intelligently guessed for you.  However, when it asks you to enter you database information, the host normally stays “localhost,” but the database name will be the same one you created in the last step, in the format (username)_(database name).  The username and password in most cases will be the same as the cpanel login information.  Continue you on to the admin setup page, and create an admin account for Magento.  Once you do that, you are all set.  You may preview how Magento will work on your site by going to

You have just successfully installed Magento.  If, however, you feel something is missing in this tutorial that should be pointed out, please comment the blog.  I hope this tutorial helped.


Tips For Using Images In Modern Web Design

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When it comes to web design, the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” couldn’t be more accurate. We all understand how, in its most basic form, web design is supposed to provide an ideal platform for users to engage with and consume content. But as the web has matured, so have the tastes of its users. And, in essence, we’ve come to prefer the brevity and beauty of images over words. It’s these calls for quick and easily consumable content that have led rise to sites like Instagram and Pinterest.

But how should these trends actually affect the ways in which we design and organize our own sites? No matter how you slice the pie, at the end of the day we all need to provide detailed content for our readers, not just pretty images.

magento enterprise

Magento Community Edition (CE) 1.9 Release Notes

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These Release Notes contain the following information:

Important Upgrade Information

Important: Use CE or later for all new CE installations and upgrades to get the latest fixes, features, and security updates.

Magento CE Release Notes

See the following sections for information about changes in this release:


This section lists the key new features in Magento CE 1.9. For more information about these new features, see New Features in Magento EE 1.14 and CE 1.9.

  • The default theme in Magento CE 1.9 uses Responsive Web Design principles to provide a better experience for users of mobile devices in particular. Benefits include:
    • You can get a tablet and smart phone friendly responsive site in about half the time as before, speeding time to market and freeing up resources for other projects.
    • Your responsive site makes you better able to participate in the fast growing mobile commerce space, gives you the ability to more easily adapt to new opportunities, and is less expensive to maintain. A responsive site also offers potential search engine optimization (SEO) benefits because it uses Google’s preferred approach to mobile-optimizing sites.
  • Cross-border trade: (Also referred to as pricing consistency.) We support European Union (EU) merchants operating across regions and geographies who want to show their customers a single price. Pricing is clean and uncluttered regardless of tax structures and rates that vary from country to country.
    To enable cross-border trade in the Admin Panel, click System > Configuration > SALES > Tax > Calculation Settings, option Enable Cross Border Trade.
  • Supports PHP 5.4
  • The Zend Framework has been upgraded to version 1.12.3
  • Checkout improvements:
    • You can capture up to 18% more sales by providing customers access to financing using the Bill Me Later service at no additional cost to you.
    • You can offer your customers a smoother, more streamlined PayPal Express Checkout experience, which tries alternative payment options when a customer’s credit card is rejected
    • Improve the PayPal Express checkout experience by eliminating the following steps in the checkout process:
      • The order review page can be enabled or disabled
      • Eliminate the necessity of clicking Update Order before Place Order

    (Conversion means helping customers stay interested and complete their purchases.)

Security Enhancements

  • Addressed a potential cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability while creating configurable product variants.
  • Addressed a potential security issue that could result in displaying information about a different order to a customer.
  • Users can no longer change the currency if the payment method PayPal Website Payments Standard is used.
  • Removed an .swf file from the Magento distribution because of security issues.
  • Improved file system security.
  • Enhanced the security of action URLs, such as billing agreements.
  • Addressed a potential session fixation vulnerability during checkout.
  • Improved the security of the Magento development randomness function.


  • A default setting for configurable and bundled products has changed. When you create a configurable or bundled product in the Admin Panel, click Manage > Products. Create a new configurable or bundled product and click the Design tab. The default option for Display Product Options In has changed to Product Info Column.
  • The Google Websites Optimizer has been disabled because it has been deprecated by Google. (In earlier EE versions, this option was available in the Admin Panel at System > Configuration > SALES > Google API > Google Website Optimizer).
  • Two new options to prevent “clickjacking” if you run Magento in a frame or iframe:
      • Enable frames only in the same domain.
      • Enable frames.

    Important: For security reasons, Magento strongly recommends against running the Magento software in a frame.

    The options are available in the Admin Panel at System > Configuration > ADVANCED > Admin > Security and are named Allow Magento Backend to run in frame and Allow Magento Frontend to run in frame.

    Enabling the option causes the X-Frame-Options request header to be sent.

  • FedEx changed their endpoints for sandbox and production to the following:

    Because of these changes, Magento cannot retrieve shipping rate information or print shipping labels for FedEx unless this fix is applied.

  • CE 1.9 includes a fix that prevented some Discover credit cards from validating properly. The issue was that certain Discover credit card number ranges were not recognized as being valid. As a result of the fix, all Discover cards should validate properly.Important: This is not a security threat. No data has been compromised or misused. It affects only the ability to validate certain credit card number ranges as valid Discover card numbers.
  • The default values for two configuration options changed. Both options can be found in the Admin Panel under System > Configuration > CATALOG > Catalog > Frontend. The new default values follow:
    • Products per Page on Grid Allowed Values is now 12, 24, 36.
    • Products per Page on Grid Default Value is now 12.
  • On the New Rule page for shopping cart price rules (Rule Information tab page), explanatory text Usage limit enforced for logged in customers only was added to the Uses per customer field. This is to avoid confusion encountered by some Magento merchants.
  • Changes to PayPal Express checkout:
    • Changes to both Proceed to Checkout and to Pay With PayPal:
        • Customers cannot edit their billing address on the PayPal site—in fact, the billing address does not display on the PayPal site.
        • Magento CE uses the customer’s PayPal address information, not the address information stored in Magento CE. The customer does not need to enter Magento CE or EE address information.
        • When the customer is redirected to the PayPal site, they can click Change next to their payment method to change it.

      The Magento administrator can set billing address information in the Admin Panel as follows: System > Configuration > SALES > Payment Methods. For any payment method that includes Express Checkout, in Basic Settings, set the value of the Require Customer’s Billing Address list.

    • Changes to Pay With PayPal only:
      • If the Magento administrator does not require the customer’s billing address, the customer’s billing address is set to the customer’s PayPal shipping address.
      • If the Magento requires the customer’s billing address, the customer’s billing address billing address is set to the customer’s PayPal billing address.
      • On the PayPal site, the customer can click Change next to their shipping address to change it. The customer can choose any shipping address configured with PayPal.
      • Because the customer’s configured address in Magento is not used, the customer’s shipping address stored in PayPal is never changed.
    • Changes to Proceed to Checkout only:
      • No Change link displays next to a customer’s shipping address on the PayPal site.
      • In the event of a shipping address mismatch between Magento and PayPal, the following message displays when the customer attempts to pay using PayPal:
        The address you entered on store-name is different than your PayPal preferred shipping address. 
        Return to store-name if you'd like to change the shipping address

        The user can select the Use as preferred shipping address check box to instruct PayPal to change their shipping address.

Tax Calculation Fixes

  • Fixed price and dynamic price bundled products where the price is configured to include tax display prices correctly regardless of tax settings. (For example, customer’s default tax rate is different from the origin tax rate.)
  • Resolved a one-cent rounding issue when Fixed Product Tax (FPT) is enabled and the option Apply Discount to FPT is set to Yes. (These options are available in the Admin Panel by going to System > Configuration > SALES > Tax > Fixed Product Taxes.)
  • Resolved issues with calculating the credit memo amount when FPT is discounted and the customer purchases more than one item.


Fixes in this release can be divided into the following categories:

Web Store and Shopping Cart Fixes

  • A customer can update quantities of items in their mini shopping cart from their My Account page.
  • The Minimum Advertised Price pop-up works properly in the web store. When the customer clicks Click for price, the price displays as expected.
  • The “customer since” date is correct.
  • Switching stores when viewing a product with store-scoped URL keys works as expected.
  • Setting System > Configuration > CATALOG > Inventory, option Display Out of Stock Products to Yes no longer causes all products to appear as out of stock.
  • Entering accented characters in the zip code field during checkout results in a validation error instead of an exception message.
  • Gift card codes are sent only after an item is purchased.
  • A customer who attempts to log in as another customer with incorrect credentials is denied.
  • Resolved issues with applying a 100% discount to an order.
  • Customers are no longer redirected to the home page when they have permission to view a category.
  • Discount amount displays correctly for products with custom options.
  • Issues with placing PayPal Payments Advanced or PayPal Payflow Link orders using Internet Explorer 9 have been resolved.

Promotional Price Rule Fixes

The following fixes relate to administering and using shopping cart price rules and catalog price rules:

  • Shopping cart price rules apply properly to grouped products.
  • Two catalog price rules applied to the same product work properly.
  • The setting Stop Further Rules Processing is honored.
  • A user with read-only privileges in the Admin Panel cannot save changes to a price rule.
  • Applying a shopping cart price rule does not display an exception.
  • Coupon codes apply only to products eligible for the price rule.

Administrative Ordering, Invoicing, Credit Memo Fixes

  • An administrative user with access to only one website from which a product was deleted no longer sees a stack trace when attempting to create an RMA for that product. In other words, after a customer placed an order for a product on Website1, an administrator with privileges to all websites removes the product. Later, when an administrator with access to only Website1 attempts to create an RMA for the deleted product, that administrator no longer sees an error message; instead, they see an expected Access Denied message.
  • Resolved an issue with incorrectly calculating the amount of an invoice when some items were discounted by a shopping cart price rule.
  • Credit memo amount is calculated correctly when processing a partial invoice with a discount.
  • Making comments in a credit memo no longer returns items to stock. (Prerequisite: an administrator set System > Configuration > CATALOG > Inventory > Product Stock Options, option Automatically Return Credit Memo Item to Stock set to Yes.)

Import Fixes

  • A product with a custom attribute set imports successfully.

Payment Method Fixes

  • If guest checkout is disabled, a customer must log in to check out with PayPal Express.
  • Eliminated errors in the logs when an administrator clicks System > Configuration > SALES > Payment Methods.
  • You can now use New Zealand dollars as the base currency with the eWAY Direct payment bridge.
  • Store credit is applied correctly when using Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution.
  • If the merchant country is Germany (DE), disabled guest checkout for the express checkout method and PayPal Website Payments Standard.

Other Fixes

  • Categories on the web store now display with spaces between category names for cached and non-cached pages.
  • A customer can now initiate a return from the web store.
  • An administrative user can subscribe to low stock RSS feeds without errors.
  • Category URLs work as expected, regardless of the setting of Create Custom Redirect for old URL for the category’s URL key.
  • Setting allow_url_fopen = Off in php.ini has no effect on the CMS WYSIWYG editor.
  • No fatal error displays when a role-restricted user previews a newsletter in the Admin Panel.
  • Google Sitemap files now include the .html suffix for category and product URLs.
  • Customers can use advanced search on your web store if Magento EE is configured to use the default MySQL Fulltext search engine and the server uses MySQL 5.6.
  • A role-restricted user can preview a newsletter in the Admin Panel to which the user has privileges.
  • After synchronizing media files with the database, media/customer/.htaccess is present with the correct data. (Prerequisite: an administrator set System > Configuration > ADVANCED > System > Storage Configuration for Media set to Database).
  • cron now restarts indexers if they previously failed to run.
  • You can save changes to a category that has more than 1,000 products.
  • Deactivating one of several banners no longer causes exceptions in system.log.
  • Resolved issues with the WSDL cache.
  • Improved the efficiency of product searches.
  • Resolved issues with the DHL International shipping method.
  • Resolved 404 (Not Found) errors in layered navigation.
  • Resolved a SQL error when attempting to assign a bundled product to another website.
  • Rules-based product relations perform as expected after being saved.
  • Resolved an issue with sending duplicate Content-Type headers when using mod_fastcgi with the Apache web server.

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