Importance of Magento Web Solution for the Developement of Ecommerce Store

Posted by admin • July 13, 2016

Have you ever thought about starting an online business? This is the correct time to built your dream. Amongst with lots of different business models, eCommerce (making and running an online E-store) is most prominent option to choose.

The eCommerce business is quite easy for anyone. eCommerce industry have about $1.65 trillion worth in 2015, there are sufficiency of opportunities to make a live — in just about any industry you want.
There are so many e-Store development option available for sellers for making business easier. We are talking about one of the most in demand; Magento.

Magento and ecommerce solution have a strong bond of successful business, The combination of these two takes captive of ecommerce market. It is actually very difficult to select the best so we will try to differentiate strengths and weaknesses for better understanding.

Magento Founded in 2008, Magento have 2,40,000 storefronts. Developer face a some complications than with Shopify — if you’re a well-trained developer, so this won’t be a problem, but if you technical knowledge is below average, then better to look elsewhere.

It needs your own hosting account while installing magento, user need to install themes and extensions for their site design and grooming the functionality. Its depend on you to select a theme from magento official store or buy from any other marketplace.

The magento core, is the most effective platform with its mesmerizing features. There are so many things to talk about so we are discussing on some of them:

Customer Service management

– Creation and edition of orders from admin panel.
– tracking of orders and history from account.
– one admin for all store.
– dashboard for registering customers.
– showing products attribute (colour, size, style, etc.).
– Built-in choice list functionality feature.
– Every page have its own landing page.

Apart from these while talking about Magento web solution, there are so many feature that Magento offers like: in-built PayPal gateway, Establish customize store for product, adding functions and value to store, open source ecommerce and framework, custom extensions, products pages, etc. Which you integrate by using extensions.

Magento help to make search engine friendly website so that the indexing of products and pages will be easily happen and it providing better result on search engine. Magento is getting more successful clients as they are focusing to work on E-commerce.

The Core magento have some more feature as you pay for its extensions, it offer a premium version which gives more opportunity for creating a user free interface, with its premium or paid version we get more features like:

– A shopping cart with easy integrate and update feature.
– Some add-on referral with specific quality.
– A great option of setting multiple store.


With the facts discussed, we can understand that Magento web development is the best open source e-store development platform in ecommerce industry. The best thing with magento is, it work with many stores that is really for good for products and marketing. It also provide the tracking option with Google analytics and many others.