Simple Steps To Understand On Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Posted by admin • July 13, 2016

Search Engine Optimization is a Long-term on going process which including preparing and managing your website contents, how it shows on Search engine result and monitoring its success over the long-term.
This Simply content Two faces which to understand-

On Site optimization
Off Page optimization

ON SITE Optimization-

It’s very necessary to know that some of the important element of SEO are lies on your own website. All off site task which include link building, etc. are less effective without a Good on-Page optimization. It is very important to have On-page aspects in all important pages specially home page.

Title Tag-

Title tags are very important for the pages, they provide the relativity to the search engine about your website and search query. These tags placed in top of the HTML code and have of 60-70 words standard, but not fixed criteria, it is very important to have Meta title to all important pages of website because Google Crawler and Spiders also find your website by this.


Meta Description-

Meta description helps Google and your targeted audience to know more about your Web page. These are the relevant short description of what your page is about. It is very important to have the Unique Meta Title and Description of your website pages.
One think is notable that to have some title or keyword of your page in description content is really good for page, while Google show them in SERP with Bold highlights.


Example that how the Google Shows the Title and Description in search result.


Meta KeyWords-

These are the relative key terms of your page and title, Some people have opinion that adding more and more keyword is beneficial to search result, but Google change algorithm for better result and even may cause penalty for this. Adding 5-10 related is more than enough for your web page as well as for Google.


If you have unique and quality content than more audience will stick to your page-post, Google also love to index the pages which have more quality and unique content the more content you have the probability of number of index pages is higher.
Blog posting, Article writing, Podcast, Videos, Info graphics are the key area of Content generation.

Internal Link and URL Structure-

It is very beneficial when your web pages Internally link with One another, This help Google to find all pages that are exist on website. These things also help users to easily navigate around the website pages. A good URL more contain words as compare to (-, _, Numerical), it is also important to have page or article title in the URL.
For Example-
Correct URL-
Incorrect URL-

Page Loading Time-

As according to the current updated Google algorithm, browsing speed and page loading time is one the most important key function of a good dynamic website. Page size and weight are main cause of high page loading time, by optimizing the website we reduce the Page Loading Time of pages.
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