Training Courses

Learn Html, CSS, JavaScript, & JQuery

Trainee will be given training with start HTML & CSS. They will be trained on the
latest technologies of HTML, CSS &JavaScript.

  • HTML Tags & Web Page Basics
  • CSS & CSS types
  • Table less formatting and layout design
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • JavaScript programs and Advance Usage
  • Introduction to JQuery
  • JQuery Special Effects
  • Advance usage of JQuery
  • How to use JQuery Plugin
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Learn PHP, MySql & Ajax

This Topic includes training on usage of PHP, MySql and Ajax programming and practical assignments
will be given to create fully functional PHP websites with PHP, CSS & JS.

  • Introduction to PHP & Its Syntax
  • Basic Knowledge of MySql Database
  • & SQL Queries Integration of PHP with HTML & CSS
  • Form processing with PHP
  • Insertion of form data into MySql using PHP
  • Records fetching from MySql
  • Mail Functions & Its operations in PHP
  • File Operations using PHP
  • Uploading Image over server
  • Session & Cookies in PHP
  • Introduction to Ajax & its benefits
  • Form processing and data fetching
  • using Ajax Advanced Usage of Ajax with JQuery

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Learn Advance PHP & MVC Architecture

This topic includes Object Oriented PHP programming and MVC based frameworks.

  • Introduction to PHP Classes & Object
  • Learn Modular approach for PHP Programming
  • Real time practical assignment based on OOPs
  • Introduction to MVC architecture
  • Create PHP application based on MVC
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Learn Wordpress

Wordpress is PHP based Content Management System (CMS). Wordpress is need for small to
big industry for their blog and content based web application.

  • Introduction to Wordpress Basics
  • Why and where we used Wordpress
  • Installation of WP and explain WP directory structure
  • Introduction to Architecture of WP
  • Customization using existing WP components and Plugins
  • How to create and customize Wordpress theme
  • Wordpress theme Integration
  • Wordpress Plugin Creation
  • Live project assignments
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Learn Magento

We have included the best ecommerce package of PHP in training schedule to
brtrain people on advanced technology of ecommerce era.

  • Introduction to Magento Basics
  • Why and where we used Magento
  • Installation of WP and explain Magento directory structure
  • Introduction to Architecture of Magento
  • Customization using existing Magento components and Plugins
  • How to create and customize Magento theme
  • Magento theme Integration
  • Magento Plugin Creation
  • Live project assignments
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Learn Zend Framework

Training course has another fascinating MVC based framework of PHP.

  • Revision of MVC Architecture
  • Introduction to Latest Zend framework Directory Structure
  • Basics of Configuring a ZF application
  • Zend Controllers & Actions
  • Zend Layouts & Views
  • Zend Models for Database Handling
  • Zend Access Control Logic (ACL)
  • Zend Session & Auth classes
  • Zend Plugins & Helpers
  • Zend based Quick Start Application

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