Why Social Media Is Important in SEO

Posted by admin • July 13, 2016

At present Social media is as power full as a nuclear weapon in Internet marketing. After December 2010, Google search engine is more attentive towards social media indexing and content quality due to its updates in algorithms. Many marketers and agencies, are not aware that how exactly Social media is important from the SEO perspective.

Social media of E-commerce store is really important for leads generation and to reaching maximum customers and by following some SEO ethics is really very important. At current scenario, Magento development, cs cart, open cart, wordpress, etc. Are the most usable E-store development platform which not only providing great interface, but extensive codes for on site SEO.

We are sharing some information that will help, to find some important thing of Social media SEO and its working resources.


Social Media SEO –

It is not sufficient to have good content and well designed website only the main important thing is how the search engines and its boats treat your websites. SEO means to work on right and suitable keywords that user use to find their needed information and another thing is the number of quality links that link back to your website. Here, we discuss some SEO and Social media efforts that really matter to grow up your business and search engine ranking as well.


Write Original, digital and High quality content

To write a great and well versed content the Originality is an important thing that work as powerful weapon. There are tons of website and other things available on the Internet for the reply of user queries, so Content Quality is the only thing which differs you from others. It is not only about providing some informational, But to provide something new is also the important aspect content strategy.

Google priorities are now mostly concentrate on most relevant content with respect to the keyword used to search.


Getting the advantage from niche and its network

Every specific channel give you the opportunity to rank well on SERP with desired keyword or phrase title. All video and presentation of YouTube and slide share have the probability to optimize like a page of website if it will be desired with suitable link and title keyword. If you focus on your video or text content and optimize it with description and snippets than there will be more chances to rank well in SERP.


Add Sharing easy by adding Social sharing Buttons

Facebook, twitter, pintrest, linkedIn, etc. Are the greatest platform to share your content publicly. These websites help, to spread your message to wide range of people who may be looking for brand like you are. Add social share button to your website and connect them with various social sharing networks, and optimize all so that they automatically generate a share-able custom message for user with your brand information.

Make your content easy, informative, entertaining, meaningful and ask your users to share this if they like.

Optimizing image and increasing profile popularity

Image is one of the most important tool of SEO. An Images with a specific file name is really very helpful for people and search engine as well. Adding Alt attribute into image increase the usability of image and it help search engine to crawl keyword attached with image. Optimize your images for great user experience and keep maintain the relevancy as well.

SEO also help, to increase the popularity of you’re social media profile. Make your social profile fully optimize by adding description, title and making some regular updates on page.